Why people buy Bottled Water? What people look for in bottled water?

The number one reason why people buy bottled water is that they assume the bottled water is healthy, but in the absolute majority of the cases, it is not!

The major problem of the BW market is (still and carbonated waters as well).

A very small fraction of the total BW consumed in India, Europe, Brazil, Mexico, USA and China can be characterized as a “Healthy Water”: just part of Natural Mineral Water can be called so.

The (typical) reasons for bottled water use by more and more people are:

  • Health – People believe that bottled water contribute to their health more than a tap water ;

  • Guaranteed Quality – People believe that bottled water quality is controlled more strictly;

  • Variety of Tastes/Consumer Choice – People want to have a choice to buy what they like;

  • Informed choice – People want to know about the water they buy;

  • Convenience – Availability, and convenience to have water to drink any time is important;

  • Emergency supply – Water is the most important supply to the human body at stress and emergency.

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