Drinking Water Mineralization Technology


WATEFY Ltd developed economically appealing and innovative solution applicable for mineralization any kind and volumes of low-mineralization water in order to make it drinkable and to make it HEALTHY and complying with international or national standards.

  •         The Watefy' process comprises fast and energy efficient water carbonation to any desired level, following by fast calcium and magnesium containing minerals dissolving to obtain desired calcium and magnesium bicarbonates concentration, and then- degassing of excess carbon dioxide which can be recycled.

  • Watefy Ltd developed low-cost technology for water mineralization, which is applicable for making best quality drinking water at any scale for different markets.

Watefy Technology Breakthrough 

Desalinated and Soft Water Mineralizers

Drinking Water Purifiers/Mineralizers

Watefy Mineral Bottled Water