Prepared Bottled Water is Harmful

None of Prepared Water, which is the main market segment in all countries, contains such vital minerals as Calcium, Magnesium, and Bicarbonates in somewhat acceptable quantities. This type of bottled water is just a tap water from which have been removed not only contaminants but also all nutrients ( if they were in the water before purification).

Some of the largest global companies even promote their mineral water (prepared water), which is actually just deeply desalinated water ( that, according to WHO and all scientific sources should not be consumed to avoid damages to human/animals body) as a good, healthy and “hydrating” water.

But the truth is that demineralized water cause damages and its

prolonged consumption can expose the consumers to very significant

health risks.

And if even large (recommended) quantities of such water being drunk, it will not hydrate the body, and people will fill thirsty, and even develop symptoms of dehydration: a headache, weakness, nausea, etc.