Market Drivers

There are some common drivers working in developed and developing countries:


  • Population health awareness and understanding the importance of

       body hydration by clean and hygienic drinking water is the main

       triggers for the bottled market emergence and it also the drivers

       for its exploding growth.


  • In developing countries large segment of the population is

       struggling to get access to safe potable water supply, a new

       generation - especially in the urban areas - is getting accustomed

       to bottled water paying handsome prices. In developing countries

       like India, China, Brazil the Bottled Water is a symbol of new lifestyle emerging there.


  • Tap water of satisfactory quality is not available for the most of population in developing countries that caused a sharp rise in bottled water consumption there. For example, in Pakistan, more than 80% do not have access to safe sources of drinking water that induced fast development of local BW. 


  • The popularity of bottled water continues to grow globally — particularly in Asia, where India and China are two vast markets.