The Challenge and the Solution

CURRENTLY: More than 80% of global bottled water market is represented by purified bottled water, which can originate from any type of water supply and is purified from contaminants through various treatments, including demineralization.


Purified bottled water does not contain the vital minerals calcium,

magnesium, and bicarbonate, and does not satisfy the requirements

for healthy water recommended by WHO; even worse, prolonged

consumption of such demineralized water is harmful, exposing the

population to health implications and threatening global health.


These minerals cannot be supplied by food only, nor compensated by pills;

e. g., the bioavailability of magnesium contained in solid tablets/capsules is

12 times lower than magnesium dissolved in water.


The great challenge for the global bottled water industry - to make HEALTHY water containing calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates in proper concentrations. No solution has been found until today. 

Watefy offers the solution for this challenge: re-mineralization of purified water (water hardening) to assure calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonates proper content.