Watefy at a glance

Watefy is Israely start-up  R&D Engineering company located in Petah Tikva and dealing with development drinking  water-related technologies

WATEFY Ltd developed novel, unique and economically appealing solution to make healthy drinking water from desalinated seawater, soft natural water, or poor-quality tap water by adding vital Calcium and Magnesium Bicarbonates required by health authorities in accordance with international or national standards as well as to reduce water corrosivity to prevent water infrastructure deterioration.


Watefy will provide solutions for the global problem of magnesium deficiency in humans, that has tremendous socio-economic aspects around the world.


Water mineralization process developed by Watefy is applicable in:

  • large water supply utilities of state,  region or city,

  • in-home water making appliances,

  • industrial production of mineralized healthy bottled water of the highest quality.